Today we ask that you let go of the need to continually “figure things out.”

There is a very high value placed on “figuring things out” in your world.  People with strong opinions about things, who claim they’ve figured something out; people marketing “new systems”; “analysts”; “consultants” — such people often receive a great deal of  validation for “figuring things out.”

Individuals are always trying to “figure things out.”  They’re always trying to figure out how to make more money, or be more productive, or achieve recognition, or be better at their job, or be better parents, or invent a better mousetrap.  

And there is nothing wrong with the desire to improve one’s life, or create good for mankind.

However, trying to figure out how to systematically improve one’s life by achieving specific external goals is, to a large degree, a fool’s errand.

This is because “figuring things out” is actually at odds with the true source of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

And what is the true source of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being?

1. A calm, alert, stable mind; one that is grounded within the present moment.

2. A basic faith in the goodness and meaningfulness of reality.

These two things will create well-being in your experience of life.

But you do not find a calm mind or faith by “figuring things out.”

You find a calm mind and basic faith by relaxing, letting go, trusting reality, and thinking less (which is the purpose of meditation and meditative practices.)

Do you see how “figuring things out” is really a backwards way of creating well-being?  It is tilting at windmills.

Your peace lies not in gaining control of what is “out there.”

It lies in creating a stable internal state of mind.