Today we ask that you begin to let go of your attachments to particular outcomes.

Attachment to outcome is one of the biggest hindrances and energetic blocks most adult humans experience.

Very young children do not engage in activities with a strong attachment to outcome.  They play, and explore.  Yes, the human brain enjoys a sense of “reward” — hearing a sound when you press a button, the satisfaction of a puzzle piece fitting into the right place, or the reward of a sweet food treat.  There is hardwiring in the brain in regard to “reward.”

However, when young children learn to walk and talk and eat food with a fork or chopsticks, they are not experiencing a strong attachment to outcome.  They are simply learning and growing.

If a young child was attached to everything working out in a certain way, he would never learn to do all these remarkable things.  If he were attached to the outcome of walking perfectly like a grown-up, he would be too self-conscious to waddle around and stumble and fall down the way all young children do.

In short, attachment to outcome shuts you down to the process of learning and growth.  You are so focused on the end result, that you lack the patience and willingness to make mistakes that is required for any growth process.

Certainly with any creative endeavor, it is essential that you not be attached to outcome.  You cannot ever know where the process will take you.  That is the core excitement of the creative process.

To attach to outcome in any creative process is to strip the process of creativity itself.  When you paint by numbers, then you know what the outcome will be.  Of course, there is no creativity involved.  You are painting by numbers!

Most people are deeply uncomfortable with uncertainty, and strongly attached to things working out in a particular way.  Unfortunately, this way of being is completely out of alignment with the fundamental energy of life itself.

Life does not know where it is going.  When new life is created, it’s an experiment.  Genes are mixed and matched — who knows what will happen?  That’s the fun of it.  That’s the adventure.  Attempting to rigidly control outcome squeezes all the magic and joy out of life.  It is also impossible.

Trying to rigidly control outcome is like trying to dam the ocean.  You are expending a massive amount of energy and force on something that is doomed to fail.

You must unlearn what you have learned.  In school, you were taught to attach to the outcome of good grades.  You were taught to attach to the outcome of getting into a good college or university.  You were taught to attach to the outcome of a successful career, and all the conventional trappings of a “modern successful life.”

For many of you, things did not go as planned.  Some of you may feel like the victims of injustice, because of this.  If so, that is because you are still attached to an outcome that did not happen.  Others have moved on and let go.  If you have let go and learned to flow where life takes you, good for you!  This is a great step in the path to awakening and fulfillment.

It is not your fault that you learned to attach to outcome.  Most of you were trained and programmed to do so.  However, like many things in your current society, this way of thinking and being simply does not work.

The best environment for growth and creativity is one in which the process is valued as much or even more than the end result.  One in which there is room for flexibility, experimentation, and falling flat on your face.  

No matter how you were trained, it is never too late to create a healthy growth environment in your own life, and to teach the next generation a healthier, freer way of being.