Today we ask that you explore different ways of “getting what you want” in life.

Many people believe that in order to “get what you want” in life, you must go after your desires with force. You must be pushy, and aggressive.  You must strategize and plan, and continuously work toward your goals.  You must “work your ass off.”

But there is another way.

Consider the spider.

The spider does not venture forth in aggressive pursuit of her prey.  Instead, she finds a good location, and puts all of her energy into building a magnificent web.  Once the web is constructed, she waits patiently to see what comes her way.  She conserves her energy, and springs into action only when something lands in her web.

The spider is an excellent role model.

Many of you could benefit from being more like spiders.

So what is your “web”?

Your web is your personal energy.  It is the frequency at which you vibrate.  It is determined by the strength, health, and coherence of your energy field.

Practices like meditation, yoga, nurturing exercise, deep breathing, massage, energy work, and healthy dietary practices all help to create a strong, coherent personal energy field.

This is your “web.”

By turning inward rather than outward, and working on your “web” rather than try to “make things happen,” you will conserve your energy, become healthier, and become open to embracing the unexpected.  

After all, you never know what is going to fly into your web.  It might be much better than what you thought you wanted in the first place.

But remember: the spider is the soul of patience.  Once she builds her web, she waits with the utmost patience.  If she were impatient and impulsive, like most humans, she might abandon her web prematurely out of frustration.  Do not make that mistake.  Be patient.  Wait and see what comes.

Be like the spider.  Build your web with care and love.  Then wait, and see what comes.  With patience, you won’t be disappointed.