Today we ask that you let go of attempting to control your future.

It is impossible.

Ask anyone who has experienced a sudden major health crisis, a severe accident, the unexpected death of a loved one, or a natural disaster whether or not it possible to control the future.

It simply cannot be done.

If you believe that you have gotten to the place you currently are in life because of strategy and control, you are in for a rough road ahead.  Life has a way of disabusing everyone of this notion before the end.

You are not in control.  You have never been in control.

This is a very terrifying thing to contemplate, for most people.  And yet if you could fully embrace this, you would feel an exhilarating sense of freedom, and release.

You cannot control your future.  You cannot predict what will happen a year from now, or even tomorrow.

This does not mean, drop all your responsibilities, empty your savings account, and run wild through the streets.

It just means: all that energy you expend trying to map out and control your future could be better spent elsewhere.

If you were capable of dropping your fantasies and projections about the future, then you would be able to deal with what arises in the present moment with total focus and clarity.

If even a tiny fraction of humans lived in this way, it would create tremendous good in your reality.

The best way to help your future self is to get clear, focused and stable within the present moment.

Attempting to strategically manage and control your future is impossible.  Anyone with even a small amount of wisdom and life experience knows this.  Yet even knowing this, most people will not act on this wisdom.

This is because most people are deeply addicted to the feeling of control.

Like all addictions, the control addiction leads nowhere good.  Even if it is giving you a high right now, sooner or later it will break down.  You will never be able to maintain the feeling of being in control.

The first step to breaking the control addiction is by acknowledging that it is an addiction.

If you could heal yourself of the control addiction, you would feel a profound sense of peace, and relief.

You cannot control your future.  Accept this. Acknowledge all the clear evidence in your life that this is true.

When you let go of the need to control the future, life is an exciting adventure — what will happen next? — instead of an endless series of dashed hopes and unfortunate events.  Be open to everything that arises.