Today we ask you to know that everything you need to create a good life for yourself is available to you in this moment.

Most people do not believe this.  Most people believe that a special condition must be met before a good life is possible.

For some it is money and security.  You believe that you can have a good life only after you are secure, or possess a particular kind of lifestyle.

For some, it is a relationship.  You believe that you can have a good life only after you unite with your soul mate.

For some, it is health.  You believe you can have a good life only after you acquire better physical health, or mental health, or both.

For some, you need to look more physically attractive before a good life is possible.

For some, you need to achieve success and renown before a good life is possible.  You must be recognized for your achievements.

For some, you need to complete a particular piece of work before a good life is possible.  You need to finish your novel, or your thesis, or building your dream house.

For some, a good life is not possible until you have a child.

For some, a good life is not possible until your children are grown and out of the house.

For some, a good life is not possible until you retire.

Do you see the problem with this thinking?

Do you see that when you set special conditions for a good life, the bar will always keep moving?

If the good life is something you believe can only happen in the future, after special conditions are met, then here is some very bad news:

The good life will never come.  You will always feel unhappy and dissatisfied.

It will never change.  Perhaps for a brief moment you will feel temporary relief as some particular goal is met.  But then that nagging dissatisfaction will set in again.  What you have will never be good enough.

Here is some very good news:

You can have a good life.  In fact, having a good life is completely possible right now at this very moment.

It begins when you recognize that you already have a good life.

It begins when you cherish and appreciate all those things right now that make your life good.

And you can make your good life even better, right now.

You do not need anything special to do this.

There are certain practices — like meditation — that you can begin doing today, and it will cost you nothing but a little of your time.  Ten minutes, let’s say.

Ten minutes of daily meditation will make your good life better, and costs you nothing.

Going for a walk outside in the fresh air costs you nothing.  Just a little bit of dedicated time.

Making healthier eating choices may cost a little bit, since organic food may be more expensive than fast food — but even there, you may find options that will not break your budget.  Not to mention, of course, save you the enormous health care costs associated with poor dietary habits down the line.

You can go online and learn how to do some simple yoga practices that will not take much of your time, and will benefit your body greatly.

All of these practices are available to you right now at this moment.  Nothing about your life needs to change in order for you to implement them, and they will make your good life better.

Very simple practices like: drinking more water; taking breaks from the computer to get up and stretch your spine so that you do not get compressed from sitting too long; and in general spending less time on the internet so as not to burn out your nervous system — all these practices make your good life better right now and cost you nothing.  Allowing your body and mind to rest costs you nothing.

So that is the bad news, and the good news.

The bad news is: your fantasies of a good life in the future will never come to pass.  Even if you achieve your goals, some new source of dissatisfaction will inevitably arise.

The good news is: you have a good life right now.  And you have the tools to make it even better.