Today we ask that you make sure to drink enough water.

Many of you know that it is a good practice to drink plenty of water.  Yet even knowing this, most of you do not drink enough.

In the hot summer months, hydration is especially crucial.

All of your body’s functions are directly connected to water.  For those of you who deal with physical or mental health issues, one of the simplest ways to improve your condition is just to make a conscious effort to drink more water in the day.

Here is a good practice you might try.  In general, it is good not to sit in one position for more than fifteen or twenty minutes at a time — especially in front of the computer, which has a heating, drying effect on the nervous system.

In order to make sure that you do not sit too long in front of the computer, set a timer to fifteen or twenty minute intervals.

Every time the timer bell goes off, get up and move around.  Stretch.  Touch your toes.   This is a very good time to drink a glass of water.

Drinking a glass of water every twenty minutes, especially when you are in front of a computer, is an excellent cooling practice for your body and mind.  It is also good to urinate frequently, as that keeps the body very clear of toxic build-up.

For any of you who deal with physical or mental health issues, insomnia, anxiety, depression, or any stress-related symptoms, the very simple practice of drinking more water will help you — and it costs much less than pharmaceutical drugs.

For best results, set a timer, and make sure to get up out of your chair and drink a glass of water every fifteen or twenty minutes.  These “hydration breaks” will actually help you focus more clearly on your work, as well as relieve your body and spine from the tension of being seated in one position for too long.

For a cooling summertime drink, and to help with absorption, it is good to add slices of cucumber to your water.

Often things that are very good for you are not all that complicated.