Today we ask you to become more sensitive to what is light and what is heavy energetically.

This corresponds to what some call “high-vibrational” and “low-vibrational.”

In general, it is good to cultivate light energy, and to limit one’s exposure to denser energies.

It is like in the periodic table of elements.  The heavy elements — like uranium, and plutonium — are radioactive, and toxic.  Likewise, heavy energies are toxic; which is why one must limit one’s exposure to them.  

Light and love are the same.  So all light energies are rooted in love.  Love, joy, freedom, beauty, honesty, playfulness, innocence, harmony, generosity, compassion, tolerance, gentleness, togetherness — this is the feeling of “light.”  A balloon floating in the breeze — that is light.  Light is laughter, and fun.  Light can also be expressed in tears of joy, or awe at something profoundly beautiful.

Dense energies are the opposite.  Density is linked to fear.  Fear, hatred, anger, greed, lies, slavery, selfishness, guilt, violence, cruelty, abuse, prejudice, intolerance, divisiveness — these are all dense.  If light is the balloon that lifts us up, density is the heavy lead weight chained to our necks, dragging us down.

All life’s dramas occur in the dualistic interplay between the light and dense forces.

Everything you interact with in this reality resonates at a particular energetic frequency.  Some things are very light, and some things are very dense, and most things fall somewhere in between.

So, as you take in experiences, it is good to be sensitive as to whether this experience feels like it is making you feel lighter, or heavier.

It is a subtle feeling, but as you become more conscious of it, you will be more sensitive.

Sense what the predominant frequency of the experience is.  Is it light, or is it heavy?  It may be neutral, but usually it will tip in one direction or the other.

If you wish to enjoy your life experience more, it is good to cultivate light energy in your life as much as possible.

Light energy is warm, vibrant, and expansive.  It brings a smile to your face.  Your eyes light up with joy.  You feel lighter around light experiences.

Dense energy is either uncomfortably hot or cold.  It is murky, and constrictive.  One feels miserable around it.  It makes you feel heavy.

People sometimes call these energies “heaven” and “hell.”  However, heaven and hell exist in this reality.  They are states of mind that project themselves into the external world.  

Thus light consciousness creates heavenly environments — cathedrals, gardens, beautiful works of architecture, soul-stirring music and art.  All great works of art are born of light consciousness.

Conversely, dense consciousness creates hell on earth: wars, genocide, senseless destruction, pollution, vast unspeakable human misery.

That said, dense consciousness can be very tricky.  It will not show itself as hell-creating — not at the start.  It will often pretend to be the Voice of Reason, even as it speaks its fear-driven lies.

That is why you must learn to accurately sense and feel what it light, and what is dense.  Your heart will tell you, even if your mind is fooled.

If you begin to ask: “Is this light?”  and “Is this heavy?” — the answers will present themselves.  

Whenever possible, go toward the light.