Today we ask that you not waste time overthinking things.

People spend a great deal of time sitting around thinking, instead of actually doing things.  Rather than do something, they think: “Should I be doing something else?”  “Am I in this position I don’t like because I made a mistake in the past?” “Am I doing the wrong thing?” “The grass looks greener over there.”

Meanwhile, nothing is actually getting done.  And you are wasting a great deal of time and energy.

Just focus on whatever it is you need to do right now.  Do not be in two places at once — trying to do something, but thinking about all the other things you could be doing instead.

Settle your mind.  Settle your mind.

Calm down.

You will accomplish very little with your brain scattered in all these different directions.

Most of you have things that you need to do; that must be taken care of.  Instead of spending your time neurotically thinking about your past and future, get present and do what needs to be done today.

Settle your mind.  Clean your home.  Organize your clutter.  Focus on the immediate tasks at hand.  With a settled mind, and a clean house, other things will fall into place.

Settle your mind.  Take care of your body, your home, and your immediate tasks.  If you find yourself caught in a neurotic thought loop, break it.  Get up.  Go for a walk.  Meditate.  Exercise.  Clear your mind.

Stabilize your energy, and everything else will fall into place.