Today we ask that you take time to ground yourself.

There is an enormous amount of energy moving through your reality.  And your bodies conduct and absorb it — particularly your nervous system.  The human brain generates and absorbs a vast amount of energy.

Human brains are a lot like nuclear reactors.  In order to function properly, they must be cooled down.  Otherwise they overheat, and when this happens, things can get quite toxic.

What heats the brain?  Any kind of cogitative thought.  Strategizing, planning, calculating.  Imagination heats the brain even more — visualizing, fantasizing.  Worry is a negative use of the imagination that heats the brain.  All creative work heats the brain.  Watching TV, or looking at information on a screen heats the brain.  Computers are very heating for the brain and nervous system.

What cools the brain?  Being outdoors.  Bathing in water.  Engaging in activities that minimize cogitative or creative thought and require that you “be in your body.”  Exercise, yoga, dance, many forms of martial arts.  Meditation.  Deep breathing is very cooling for the brain.  Being around animals or small children cools the brain.

Caffeine and sugar heat the brain.  Water and green vegetables cool the brain.

It is very important to cool the nervous system.  Many forms of mental and physical imbalance and illness are really just side effects of nervous system “burnout.”  Insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue and many other stress-related symptoms are a result of nervous overheating and burnout.

Truly, it is wise to think of your brain as a nuclear reactor.  It harnesses a vast amount of energy.  It is a great engine of creation and cogitation.  But you must keep it cool.  Do not let it overheat — or you may well experience a meltdown.