Today we ask you to know that life is truly not meant to be a hard and awful experience.  It is not meant to be that way.

Mankind currently has at its disposal everything it requires to create good lives for every single being on this planet. This is entirely possible, as far-fetched as it may sound.  But for this to happen, a massive shift must occur in the collective human consciousness.

This shift can begin only at the individual level.  It starts with you.  If you dream of living in a better world, the first step is to make your own individual world a better place to live.

This means engaging in healthy mental, physical and spiritual practices on an ongoing basis, as a committed part of your daily life and practice.  You must become the kind of human you are dreaming of.

Know that this is completely possible for you.  It does not matter what state you are currently in.  If you are reading these words, it is completely possible for you to become the kind of human you are dreaming of.  You can experience this shift.

Moreover, if you currently experience physical or mental illness, this can be seen as a purely positive thing — in the sense that the suffering drives you out of a sense of complacency, into strong action.  You, by the nature of your illness, cannot check out or fall asleep the way others do.  You must find a better way of being.  You must make the shift.  And you may in fact be at the vanguard of this collective movement.  If these words resonate with you, you most surely are.

You are not wrong, sensitive ones.  The world does not have to feel this way.  Life does not have to feel this way.  If you find it much easier to connect with animals or small children than most “adults” — good for you.  It means you are still relatively sane.  That you are more alive and awake than most.

Every day, there are more and more of you waking up in the world.  Find each other.  Support each other.  Strengthen each other.  Share ways of being that will help you withstand the pressures, density, and insanity of your reality.  Teach your children to walk in this new way.

Just as mankind has within it the power to create a good and beautiful reality in this world, so do you right now have the power to create a good and beautiful reality within your individual world.  Everything you need is right in front of you — but you must increase your sanity and stability.  You can do it.  If you feel lost, ask for help.  Just ask the universe for help.  An answer will come.  But you must be quiet and listen for it.

Please love yourselves.  Please be kind to yourselves.