Today we ask you to know and understand that your reality is not defective or broken in any way.

Throughout history, many religions have promulgated this idea: that there is something terribly wrong with your world.  Physical existence is portrayed as a bad thing.  Physical bodies are dirty, and shameful.  The world is corrupt and vile.  There is no joy to be found in earthly existence.  The best one can hope for is to go to some concept of “Heaven” after death.  People long for a violent Armageddon to wipe clean the filth of this planet and leave it “purified” — so that the “faithful” may inherit this “purified” earth.

This is all an absolute lie.  Please know this.

There is nothing broken, defective, or shameful about your reality.  There is nothing broken, defective, or shameful about physical existence.  There is no such thing as “Original Sin.”  Mankind was never expelled from the Garden of Eden.  You are in the Garden right now.  You just can’t see it.

But you can see it so easily, and you do, every single time you choose to love the reality you have been given.  This Garden!  The trees, the flowers, the utter breathtaking beauty of this world!  The absolute perfection of the human body!  

If you have ever held an infant, perhaps you have felt that sense of overwhelming wonder at the perfection of the human form — the tiny perfect ears and fingers and toes, the beauty of it.

You are surrounded by love.  If you feel that you have no love in your life, then visit your local animal shelter.  There you will find hundreds of beings who are ready to love you unconditionally.  All you have to do is be willing to love and take care of them in return.

To believe that this world is broken beyond repair, to yearn for some sort of Apocalypse — that is utter madness.  To perceive physical bodies as dirty and shameful — that is utter madness.  To perceive any form of human love, such as homosexual union, as dirty and shameful — that is madness!

There is no problem with reality.  Reality is good.

The problem is, many people are too insane to understand this.  They are like crazy schizophrenics, dwelling in a delusional nightmare.  Sometimes crazy people attempt to spread their nightmare delusions through acts of unthinkable violence.

This does not mean reality is bad.  It just means that some people are very, very crazy and destructive.  Often because they have been hypnotized, and brainwashed, and really don’t know better.

That is why the best way to “save the world” is to work on your own consciousness.  Become as sane as you can possibly be, through healthy mental and physical practices — meditation, yoga, energy work and healing, therapy, self-inquiry, anything that will stabilize your mind.  Wake up from the collective nightmare and see how very good and beautiful your world truly is.  Once you can perceive clearly, then you will be able to share your true vision with others.

You do not need to fix reality.  Reality is not broken.  If you see reality as a nightmare, it’s because you’re wearing dirty goggles!  Clean your goggles.  Clean your glasses.  Scrape off the gunk that clouds your perception.  There is nothing wrong with reality.  You just need to clean your glasses.