Today we ask that you be very clear with yourself about what you are doing, and why.

It is very easy to fall asleep in one’s daily routine.  There is a lot to do, and you must do it.  Often one feels that there is no real choice about any of it.  You are obligated to do all the things you do.  In order to be a good, responsible person, it is necessary to do these things.

The problem is, living a life of obligation and duty drains all joy out of existence.  It is a very sad thing.  Often what happens is that activities that could and should be a source of joy — like working in a career, or raising children — start to feel obligatory, and joyless.  This is very sad.

So please remember, as you go through life, why you are doing what you do.

If you are in a career, what drew you to this career in the first place?  What excites you about it?  Do you have a sense of purpose, and meaning?  Please connect with that awareness.  It is why you are doing what you do.

And if it is absolutely impossible to connect with any sense of joy, meaning, or purpose in your work, then please consider finding something else to do with your energy.  

If you are raising a child, please connect with the feeling of love and joy around that child.  Remember the excitement you felt as you were waiting to meet this little one for the first time.  There is nothing obligatory or dutiful about this.

When you connect with a feeling of love and purpose in what you do, you wake up out of unconscious living.  Everything you do has a purpose.  You can cook your meals with a sense of love around the nourishment you are giving your body.  You can take a shower with loving attention to your body.  You can clean your home with a sense of love for your personal space.  Everything, no matter how mundane, can be done with this sense of very conscious love, and care.

And you will find, if you stay conscious in this way, that life itself will become sweeter.  Life can be a dull chore, or an opportunity to create love, joy, meaning, and purpose — for yourself, and those around you.  

Nothing external needs to change in your reality in order for this to happen.  It can happen right here, right now, in this moment.