Today we ask that you openly express appreciation.

If there is something good in your life, express appreciation for it.

If it is a person, tell that person how you feel.  If it is an animal, give that animal your love and attention.  If it is the universe itself to whom you feel gratitude, then tell the universe you appreciate it.

Expressing appreciation is purely good for you.  It is really a very selfish thing to do, since all it does is draw good energy around you.

It is like playing a video game, and doing something that wins you many points.

If reality were a video game — and in many ways it is very similar — the act of expressing appreciation would win you many “points” in the game.  That is what expressing appreciation does.

For our part, we would like to express our appreciation to you, dear reader.  Thank you for your open heart and mind.

You are so loved.