Today we ask you to know that there is nothing to fear.

We do not expect you to believe this.  Nonetheless, it is the absolute truth.

There is nothing to fear.

All human fears are rooted in the fear of death.  There is a belief that energy can be lost, or annihilated.  Snuffed out of existence.

This is not true.

Nothing in your reality can be lost, annihilated, or snuffed out of existence.

Because of this, nothing can really threaten you.

Moreover, the underlying nature of reality is good.

You do not live in a broken, or defective reality.

Hell exists only within the human mind.  It does not have any existence outside the human mind.

It is the human mind that creates “Hell.”

Perhaps some of you have witnessed a crazy person, talking to himself.  The crazy person mutters and rants.  He is often in a very fearful state.

As the observer, you can perceive that the crazy person is hallucinating.  He may be in a state of extreme terror over his hallucinations.  Nothing can talk him down out of his delusions.  He believes they are real, even if you know they are not.  It is like someone on a “bad trip.”

Many of you dwell in similar states.  It is only a matter of degree.  When you are in the grip of anxious fears — even when nothing bad is actually happening to you in the present moment — then you are very much like a crazy person.  You are afraid of imaginary things, yet you are experiencing real physical fear.

You are like the child who fears the monster under the bed, or in the closet.

The only sane thing to do under the circumstances is throw open the closet doors, shine a light, and show yourself that there is nothing to fear.

There is nothing to fear.