Today we ask you to reflect on the desire to attack and judge other people.

Often this is linked with a sense of righteousness.  Perhaps you are doing it for the other person’s own good.  Or else you are doing it to protect and defend something that you hold dear and believe in.  So there is a desire to do good linked with the judgment and attack.  It is not right, that this person is behaving this way.  Someone needs to say something.  Someone needs to hold this person accountable.

The problem here is that right and wrong tend to be very subjective.  There are many people out there of course who will righteously judge and attack things that you hold dear, and will feel completely justified in doing so.  Racists, bigots, and religious fundamentalists profoundly believe in their judgments and attacks.  They absolutely believe that they are protecting what they hold dear.

This being the case, how can anyone truly know when it is right to judge and attack?  If you can see with clarity that the racist or religious fundamentalist is ignorant and clouded in his judgment — when it is so absolutely clear to him that he is righteous — isn’t it possible that you, too, might be wrong about these things that arouse your own righteous judgment?

We would say that it is actually impossible in your reality to possess this kind of certainty, for a very simple reason: your perception is too limited.

Because you do not and cannot have access to all the information required to make a correct judgment, therefore you are not fit to judge.

For example: what if you found out that someone whose behavior you consider to be despicable has a brain tumor?  And this brain tumor directly affects that person’s behavior?  Would you continue to feel the same level of righteous judgment toward this person?

We would say that it is wise, and not far from the truth, to assume that anyone who arouses your desire to judge and attack “has a brain tumor.”

You cannot understand all the forces and causes that have shaped an individual’s perception.  Would you attack a young child who has been raised to have views that you find repugnant?  Would you have the same contempt for a racist or homophobic child that you do for an adult?  But, really, what is the difference?  If a racist or homophobic adult has been surrounded his whole life by other racists and homophobes, what chance would this person have had to learn any other way of being?  What good can possibly come from attacking this person?

Really, what good can ever come from attacking anyone?  Think about this.  Wars begin because humans believe that good can arise through attack.  Countless individuals have been killed through history because humans believe that good can arise out of attacking other humans.

There are far better uses of your energy.  Attacking other people is simply not a constructive use of energy.

Only when humans learn that no good can arise from attacking other humans will they be ready to truly grow as a species, and reach the stars.