Today we ask you to kiss your Judases.

What does this mean?

Most humans, at one time or another, feel betrayed.  It is an extremely common experience.  If you are a typical human, you probably have a long list of Judases.

In the Jesus story, Judas betrays with a kiss.  Why is this so?  Because Judas loved Jesus, and his betrayal leads not to the crucifixion, but to the resurrection.  

Judas is the direct cause of Jesus’ resurrection.  The traitor therefore is Jesus’ greatest friend.

If you look back at your own lives, you may likewise notice that your Judases were your greatest friends.

We die.  We resurrect.

Or rather, our egos die — little by little, piece by piece.  And every time our egos die, we are reborn, that much more whole.

And so our Judases truly are our greatest friends — because they cause the death of our egos.

We grow.  We change.  We learn.

And our Judases very often are our greatest teachers.  Far more so than our friends.  Certainly more so than our disciples.

That is why they betray with a kiss.

We do not say they do this consciously — that they are consciously seeking to bring about your enlightenment.

But they enlighten you nonetheless, because reality itself works through these individuals.

So today, kiss your Judases.  Recognize the impact they have had on you — for the good.