Today we ask that you understand that there is nothing more toxic than fearful thinking.

Fearful thinking is sitting around remembering or imagining fearful scenarios.

It has nothing to do with what is happening in the present moment.  Nothing in the present moment is particularly frightening.  There is no actual threat to your well-being.

But in your mind — terrible things are happening.  You are thinking about all the awful things that have happened to you, and all the awful things that are going to happen to you.

You worry.  You worry.  You worry.

You worry about your health.  You worry about your bank account.  You worry about the state of the country.  You worry about the world.  You worry about your children.  You worry about accomplishing things.  You worry that you will never be good enough.

You brood over the past.  What your parents did.  What your ex did.  What your employers did.  What the government did.  What your children did.  What your body did, that time it failed you.  

In reality, nothing bad is happening right now.

But in your mind, you may as well be at war.  Sitting in a bunker with bombs falling all around you.  That is how much stress you are creating in your body.

No wonder you can’t sleep at night.  Bombs are blasting by your ears.

Of course, they are not real.  They are thoughts.  They are nothing.

Thoughts are not real.

We will repeat this: thoughts are not real.

Just because a thought tells you or shows you something, that does not make it real or true.

They may be very convincing, the fearful thoughts.

But they are not real.  They are fantasies.  They are projections.  They are movies in your mind.  That is all they are.

Many of you are walking around in hallucinatory trances.  On bad trips — as mind-altering and frightening as if you were on a psychedelic drug.

Fearful thinking creates a hallucinatory mental state.  Humans can become quite deranged when they are in the grip of fearful thinking, and do all manner of harm to themselves and others.

When you notice you are in the grip of fearful thought patterns — STOP.  When you are worrying about the future and brooding about the past — STOP.

Take ten slow, deep breaths, counting each breath.

Get up out of your chair.  Move around.  Move your body.  Get back into your body.

Shift the energy.  Snap out of it.

Do not let the thoughts take over.  They are not real.  And they are quite harmful.

When you are reading or watching something that promotes fearful thought patterns — STOP.

The world will not end if you choose not to ingest all the latest terror-inducing news.

Fearful thinking is a choice.  And you can choose to stop at any time.

If you choose to persist in fearful thinking, perhaps it would be good to notice this habit.  Ask: what does it do for you.  Does it help you?  Or does it just create stress and tension?

Fearful thinking is not good for you.

It is one thing to react to danger as it is happening.

But imagining frightening things, or remembering past traumas — this does not serve you.

The fearful thoughts are not true.  They are not real.  And they are not your friends.

Nothing bad is happening to you right now.  

Please know this.