Today we ask that you look at the ways in which you are self-destructive.

Everyone has self-destructive habits.  The question is: do you view these habits with complacency?  Do you say, everyone does these things, so I will, too?  Or do you wish to truly help yourself?

Much self-destructive behavior has to do with what you take into your body and mind.  Do you eat and drink toxic or unhealthy foods?  You know if they are because they make you feel bad, even if they initially give you a rush, or buzz.  

Do you watch things on TV or on the computer, or play video games that dull or lower your sense of well-being?  You know if you feel tired, irritable, anxious or angry after watching them.

Do you regularly spend time with people who continually think and speak negatively?  You know if they are, because you’ll feel drained, irritable, and anxious after spending time with them.

All of this is self-destructive.

We do not say, be a Puritan who lives in some sort of unreal paradise.

All we say is, if you find yourself frequently engaging in activities that you know will only make you feel bad — ask yourself why.

Perhaps you are addicted to these low-vibrational forms.  The unhealthy food, the unhealthy behavior, the unhealthy companionship.

That is the one thing low-vibrational energy has going for it: it is habit-forming, and addictive.

So all forms of self-destructive activity are similar to drug or alcohol addiction.  People are addicted to bad food, bad TV, bad companionship.

By “bad,” we do not mean worthless.  Everything is relative.  “Bad,” in this sense, is something that lowers your state of well-being, and leaves you feeling worse than before you were exposed to it.

As with all addiction, the first step to liberation is acknowledging that you’re addicted.

So just begin to observe the ways in which you are self-destructive.  The ways in which you indulge in things that may temporarily give you a rush, or high, but always make you feel worse after the rush fades.  Pay attention.

You may be quite surprised at how pervasive self-destructive behavior really is.