Today we ask that you learn to calm your mind.

There is no more valuable skill you can possess.  

Calm your mind.  Calm your mind.

Your mind is like a wild horse, running away with you.  It runs here, it runs there.  It overturns the cart.  It runs in circles, churning the earth, its muzzle foaming.  It runs and runs and runs and never gets anywhere.

This is what most human minds are like.

The more you read, the more you watch, the more you text and email, the faster and crazier the mind becomes.

Calm your mind.  Calm your mind.

No wonder your mind cannot easily fall asleep at night.  No wonder you go crazy with anxiety.

You must calm your mind.

Step away from the computer.  Step away from the TV.  Step away from the phone.

Go outside.  Go for a walk.  Go sit in a park.

Take a nap.  Soak in a bathtub.

Play with animals.  Play with children.

Get back in your bodies.  Calm your minds.

Learn to meditate.  It is not a difficult or mysterious practice.  Just set a timer for ten or fifteen or twenty minutes, sit down, and count your breath.  Notice when thoughts arise, and return to the counting.  Be present in your body.

Meditate in the morning, meditate in the afternoon.  Even five minutes will help you.

Calm your mind.  Please, calm your mind.

Let it be a strong, sedate horse that will carry you long distances.  Let it draw your carts and plough your fields.  Your mind can be your great ally.  But you must learn to calm it.

There is nothing more valuable in life than learning to calm your mind.