Today we ask that you understand that you each possess physical and psychic “shields.”

You have a physical immune system, which keeps your body healthy.  And you have a psychic immune system, which keeps your mind (and body) healthy.

These are your “shields.”  They are very much like the shields you see in Star Trek — the shields that protect spaceships from attack.

In Star Trek, a spaceship’s shield is able to absorb a certain amount of hits, or attack energy, before collapsing and leaving the spaceship exposed.

It is the same with your psychic and physical shields.  

Your shields can absorb incredibly high levels of toxic energy if they are in good working order.  

However, when a shield absorbs a “hit,” it needs time to recharge.  If it keeps absorbing hits, without recharging, it will eventually collapse — and when it collapses, you become either physically or psychically, which is to say mentally, ill.

Physical exhaustion runs down the physical immune system.  Lack of rest, burning the candle at both ends, poor diet, lack of exercise, and exposure to toxins — all these things are “hits” that eat away at your shields.

Conversely, plenty of rest, a good diet, exercise, and time spent in pleasant outdoor environments build up the physical shield, or immune system — allowing you to absorb “hits,” if necessary, without getting sick.

It is the same with the psychic immune system.  Exhausting the mind and nervous system by continually overstimulating it, watching too much TV, spending too much time online, overworking the brain, keeping the brain going beyond the exhaustion point by using caffeine or stimulants, or socializing with toxic, negative, destructive individuals — these are “hits” that wear down the psychic shields, and expose you to the mental illnesses of depression, anxiety, and rage.  They can also in the long term lead to brain pathologies, like Alzheimer’s. 

Meditation builds up the psychic shields.  Meditating, and immersing the mind in positive, healing, high-vibratory energies.  It is good to spend time around people who feel like a good vibratory match for you — you recognize them, because you feel good in their presence.  Music is good for the psychic shields.  Art is good for the psychic shields.  Certain films and television can be good for the psychic shields, when absorbed in moderation.  You know because you feel charged by watching them, not drained.  

Your psychic immune system is very real.  It keeps you sane, and mentally healthy, just as the physical immune system keeps you physically healthy.

So: keep your shields up, and in good working order.  Good shields are greatly needed, in your world.