Today we ask that you learn how to be a good parent to yourself.

Very few people are lucky enough to have truly good parents.  By good, we mean sane, healthy, kind, loving, and non-reactive.  

For all human history, most humans have been born to crazy, destructive parents.  It is the way of things.  Crazy parents breed crazy children.  In every generation, a few awaken into sanity; but most remain asleep.

Humans deeply crave structure, and order.  Failing to find this structure and order within their own crazy families, they invent religions to create structure, order, and most importantly, a Divine Parent — a God who tells them what to do, how to think, and metes out rewards and punishments based on the behavior of His human children.

Unfortunately, crazy people tend to create crazy gods.

The gods of religion tend to be terrible parents — capricious, cruel, one moment loving, the next monstrous.  Such gods are only reflections of insane human collective consciousness.

It is time to let go of the terrible gods, and the terrible parents.

Of course, the craving for authority is so strong in humans that even when they abandon religion, they immediately set up horrible dictators to rule over them — as happened in Communist Russia, Fascist Germany, and so on.

Why do humans put their faith in cruel gods and cruel dictators?  Why are so many human lives sacrificed at the altars of these gods and dictators?

How can this cycle end?

It ends when humans wake up and comprehend that cruelty, punishment, hatred, and violence never represent the divine path, but rather the path of lower consciousness.  Animal consciousness.

Apes have a social order that is very close to what one perceives in mankind.  The primate tribe is organized around a dominant male — a “dictator,” if you will — and the rest of the tribe is subservient to this “alpha.”  The primates live in deep fear of the dominant male, who will sometimes kill in order to uphold his dominance.

Most religions, and social structures, throughout human history, have been reflections of the primate structure.

Any god or ruler who rules through fear, terror, and dominance is essentially a Big Ape.  That is all they are.  They are Big Apes.

If humans are to transcend their past, they must put their ape selves to rest.

In lieu of sick structures and crazy gods, they must create healthy structures and good parents.

Good parents do not rule through terror.  They are loving, wise, strong, and consistent in their behavior.  They nurture and encourage their children through positive reinforcement, not punishment.

Good parents create sane children.  And what the world needs now, more than anything, is a sane generation.

It is happening.  More and more humans are waking up.  They will not worship crazy gods, and crazy dictators.  They are more than monkeys.

Become fully human.  Put the Ape God to rest.