Today we ask you to know that life has meaning.

When you live unconsciously, it appears that life has no meaning.  The days pass.  You are caught up in habitual routines.  Deep down you feel a sense of entrapment, like an animal in a cage.  You feel a sense of impending doom, which is really your fear of death.  You look to something outside yourself as your salvation.  Perhaps it is worldly success — money, status, achievement — that you believe will give you peace.  Perhaps it is the success of your children.  Perhaps you believe in an End Times prophecy, and pin your hope on the end of the world as it exists.

All of this is false.  This is life lived unconsciously.  Really, this is the way children think — fantasizing about the magic candyland where they can play all day and never do homework again.

This is not why you are here.  You are not here only to want to escape.  Life is not some kind of torment from which you must escape.

This is a good world.  It is a good world.

Right now, even now, you could be at peace.  There is a deep, primal joy running as an undercurrent through every single thing you perceive in the world of form.

You have not been put here to suffer and die.

You are here to wake up, and live.

It is a good world.  It is not a meaningless world.  It is a good world.

There are two paths to liberation.  The first is love.  The second is the end of judgment, and attack.  The second follows the first.

When you stop attacking everything, when you stop hating the world — when you create enough space in your mind to simply observe it, without judgment — then you begin to wake up.

And just like waking up from a bad dream… at that moment, the nightmare will be over.

Life has meaning.