Today we ask that you meditate on what it means to be “in flow.”

To be in flow means there is no resistance.  No struggle.  No friction.  There is a wide channel through which energy can flow.

Energy is like water.  It flows.  It flows through things.  It flows through people.

Energy is energy — physical energy, creative energy, problem-solving energy.  It is the fuel by which things move and grow.

Many people feel that they do not have enough energy.  They do not have good flow.  

This is basically a plumbing issue.  For energy to flow, one needs a nice big clean pipe.  When energy is blocked, it is like there is gunk in the pipe.

So what clogs up the pipe?


Thoughts clog up the pipe.

For example — you might have the thought: “I need to put pressure on myself in order to accomplish things.”  Or “I am under so much pressure right now.”

This thought of pressure puts a literal squeeze on the pipe.  It creates friction, resistance, and blockage.  

The only way to restore flow is to relax.

Another kind of blocking thought is any kind of argumentative thought.  When you argue with something in your mind, you create a mental projection of that thing.  It may be a person or a concept that you are arguing with, but it is still “real” in your thoughts.

Creating these thought projections siphons an enormous amount of energy away from your main flow.

So: two ways to immediately increase flow in your life are to stop putting pressure on yourself, and to stop arguing.

A third way is to practice empty mind meditation.  By substantially slowing down the thought process, you unclog your pipe and create a clearer channel through which the energy may come.

The Tao Te Ching says: “Stop thinking, and put an end to your problems.”

This is very true.

You may protest that it is irresponsible not to put pressure on yourself, and irresponsible not to argue your position.

That very thought is blocking energy.

It is your choice: do you want more energy, or do you want to be right?