Today we ask you to celebrate someone or something that you feel celebratory about.

Humans, on the whole, tend to focus on what is wrong with the world, other people, and themselves.

But really, there is so much to celebrate.

The restaurant where you eat a good meal — celebrate the chef!  Celebrate the owners of the restaurant, and the staff, and all the people responsible for bringing you this excellent food.  The people who farmed the vegetables, and raised the animals.

If you watch a good movie or TV show, celebrate all the people whose work brought you this experience.  The actors, the writers, the director, the producers, the cameramen, the people who rigged the lights and built the sets and made costumes and composed music.  If you like what they have done, celebrate them.

Celebrate the clerk at the grocery store who always smiles at you.  The person who delivers the mail.

Celebrate the teachers who help your children.

Celebrate the doctors and dentists who work to keep your body healthy and who help you when you are in need.

Celebrate the bus drivers and toll booth operators, the sanitation workers, plumbers, electricians, all the people who help keep the cities going.

Celebrate the mothers and fathers, the grandmothers and grandfathers.

Celebrate the therapists and healers.

Chances are this past week, someone did something for you that is worthy of celebration.

So many deserve celebration.  Make celebrities of them.

Last, but never least, celebrate yourselves.  You made it through another week.  There were ups and downs.  But look at the moments where you did well.  When you kept going even when it was not easy to do so.  You, too, deserve celebration.  

Once in a while it is so very good to stop being down on everything and just throw a great big party.