Today we ask that you express appreciation for something that is very good in your life.

No matter how downtrodden you may feel, there is always at least one thing you can feel appreciation for.

So find that one thing, and express appreciation for it.  If it is a person in your life, you can reach out to that person, and express the appreciation directly.  If it is not a person — if it is an animal, or something like the health of your physical body, or something else that you love and are grateful for — there are still so many ways to express appreciation.  

Just think, or say aloud: “Thank you for being a part of my life.”

When the fires of your life are low, this is a way to rekindle them.  It is like a little spark that you can blow on, to rekindle the flame of your vitality.

When you express appreciation, it is like the whole universe suddenly inclines itself toward you.  Things become aligned.

And it is so simple!