Today we ask that you be very clear about reality.

You live in a topsy turvy world, where delusional thinking tends to rule the day, while true sanity is often dismissed as craziness.

What do we mean by this?

Humans spend a great deal of time being very upset because things should be different from what they are.

People should be different.  Life should be different.  Politicians should be different.  Celebrities should be different.  The world should be different.  God should be different.

It is actually insane to believe these thoughts.

Being angry at the world because it isn’t different is like being angry at water for being wet.  It is just crazy.

But this kind of craziness, in your reality, is considered sane.

Being an angry, divisive, combative, argumentative human is not only considered sane and commendable — but you may become a pundit by doing so.

Whereas someone who is basically happy and at peace with life is often considered suspect, or defective.  There is something wrong with such a person.  He has “drunk the Kool Aid.”  He is out of touch, disconnected.  Not realistic.

What a mad, mad, mad, mad world!

Do you know why a fundamentally calm, peaceful, happy person is that way?

Because he is very sane.  He is not delusional about things.  

A calm, peaceful person is not delusional.  He is not walking around angry because things ought to be different and he ought to be in control of everything.  Thinking someone ought to appoint him Czar of the Universe so that he could fix and improve reality.

A sane person perceives what is.  He has no desire to go around fixing things and people.  It is one thing if someone asks for help.  But sane people don’t go around trying to impose their will on others like little dictators.

If you really believed and internalized the idea that sanity and wisdom go hand in hand with calm and serenity, perhaps you’ll listen less to all the angry pundits of the world.

Let the angry pundits scream at reality to be different.

The sane person rows his boat gently down the stream.  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily.