Today we ask that you meditate on a time in your life when something happened to you that felt very bad — but that in retrospect, you can see was very good.

For example, you were in love with someone who did not love you in return.  The relationship did not work out.  In retrospect, you can see that this person was not a good match for you.  You would not have been happy spending your life with this person.

Perhaps it was a school that you applied to, that rejected you.  At the time you were devastated.  But life took its own course, and you cannot imagine who you would be if you’d gone to that school.  Instead you attended a different school, and that shaped your destiny.  Or you didn’t go to school at all, and that shaped your destiny.

There are so many situations like this.  Jobs you applied for, and didn’t get.  Turning points in your life, where your desires were thwarted — but when you look back on it, you know in your heart it was for the best.

It may be happening to you right now.  Your desire is being thwarted.  Something is happening that you don’t want.  It feels bad.  You are frustrated.  You wonder why life is so unfair.

Please know that there is a huge possibility that in the future, you will look back on what is happening and see that it is really for the best.

Do you know what it means to be “enlightened”?

An “enlightened” human is just someone who doesn’t need to look back on life in retrospect in order to see that things were for the best.

An enlightened person knows it right now,  as it is happening.  If it is happening, then it is for the best.

That is the only difference between you, and an “enlightened person.”

It may take you five or ten or fifty years or a whole lifetime to figure out what an enlightened person knows right now.

That is the only difference.