Today we ask that you release your need to make simple things complicated.

What does this mean?

Life is really a very simple thing.  It is at its best when you are just experiencing it, without analyzing it.

That is why vacations can be enjoyable for people.  Life on vacation tends to be simpler than life at home.  You wake up, eat, see the sights, or relax on the beach.  You are more present with everything.  Ideally you are not sitting around ruminating about your life problems when you are on vacation.  You have left that behind.

Ordinary life can be like that, too.  It is possible to wake up with a sense of pleasant excitement even in your ordinary day-to-day lives.  You do this by keeping things simple — simple, the way they are on vacation.

There is only so much anyone can do in a day.  You wake up, eat, perform tasks, do things.  It is good to have a playful approach to life — that is what makes it simple.  Children experience life in a simple way, when they are very young, before their well-meaning parents and teachers complicate things for them.  This sense of play is what makes a vacation enjoyable.

You may ask: how do I play at all the tedious things I must do?  How do I play at the meetings, on the phone calls, paying bills, and so on.

There actually is a way to stay light-hearted and simple in all of these activities.

It is the analytical mind that complicates matters — that tells you life is a tedious chore, that tells you “You deserve better.”  The mind creates projections about what you ought to be doing.  How to “improve” yourself.  How to “maximize your potential.”  It tells you, when you are performing a task, that you should be doing a better job at it.  Or else you should be living a different, better life where you would not have to perform such tasks at all.

What silliness.  These are the kinds of thoughts that make a complicated mess out of the elegant simplicity of existence.

These thoughts say you should somehow do more and have more right now, when it is impossible to do more than you are currently doing, or have more than you currently possess.

Truly, if people stopped this kind of ruminating, they would do more, what with all the energy they’d save.  Obsessive thinking uses up a huge amount of physical energy.  

That is what happens on vacation.  You think less, so you experience more.  Life is fresh, and immediate.  Simple.

It can be that way all the time.