Today we ask you to contemplate giving something to someone.  It can be a donation of time and energy, or it can be a financial donation — which is another way of giving your time and energy.  It can be a very small amount, either of time, or money.  The key is to give it with a whole heart, to a person, animal, charity or cause that you completely believe in.

Please know that acts of charity, when undertaken with a whole heart and no thought of personal reward — i.e. no need even for a “thank you,” or any form of receiving credit for the good deed — please know that these acts do immeasurable good for you, the giver.

Acts of giving, of pure, wholehearted altruism, always bring good energy to the giver.  Always.  ALWAYS.

And usually that good energy will come back to you doubled, or tripled.  It may not come in the same form in which it was given, but you will receive a greater flow of energy.  It may come back to you as creative energy, as physical vitality, or as a stroke of good luck.  The point is, it will come back.

To that end, one could argue that giving is a selfish act.

And yet we repeat: for the magic to work, you must do it with a loving heart.  It is like the Princess who kisses the Frog, or the Beauty who unconditionally loves the Beast.  You must do these things with a pure heart, expecting nothing.  Then, and only then, a Prince will appear.