Today we ask again that you take this weekend time to relax your nervous system.

Many of you do not believe that things that stimulate the nervous system “wind you up.”  You believe that watching television or surfing the net is relaxing.  You relax with a book.  You watch TV at bedtime to help you go to sleep.

These activities are stimulating.  They stimulate the nervous system.  You do not relax while watching television.  Your brain is assimilating a large quantity of information at every moment — more than you can possibly imagine.  You do not “relax” with a magazine, or book.  Again, when reading, your brain is processing an enormous quantity of information.  You are imagining whole realities.  This requires an active nervous system.

Certainly we are not advocating that you do not read, or watch TV, or enjoy the internet.

However, if you are someone who suffers from insomnia, fatigue, anxiety or depression, headaches, digestive upset, or any stress-related illness, we strongly urge you to cut back on activities that stimulate the nervous system.

If you suffer from these problems, spend more time outdoors.  Exercise — but not at a gym, where you are watching television.  Go for a jog.  Take a walk.  Go for a hike.  Take a swim.  Do yoga.  Dance.  Take a long, luxurious bath.  Take naps.  Play with animals.  Play with small children.  Garden.  Listen to beautiful music.  Eat a nourishing meal — really enjoying and savoring the food, not rushing.  Meditate.  Lounge outside, and listen to the birds sing.  Watch the sun rise, or set.  All these things relax the nervous system.  

By decreasing activities that stimulate the nervous system, and increasing activities that relax it, we promise that you will experience real relief from symptoms of nervous exhaustion — including insomnia, fatigue, headaches, anxiety and depression, and most stress-related illnesses.  It is essential in this fast-paced world.