Today we ask that you select one activity and do it with your full attention.

It can be as simple as eating a piece of food.  If you are eating something, eat with your full attention.  Notice everything about the experience of eating the food.  The taste, texture, and aroma.  The sensation of chewing, and swallowing.  Take your time.  Savor the experience.  

It can be taking a shower or bath, and really feeling all the physical sensations around the water, and your body.

It can be playing with an animal or child, with your full attention in the experience.  

It can be listening to a loved one speak, with your full attention.  

It can be listening to music, with your full attention.  

Whatever it is, you do not need to strain to do it.  It should be something that you find pleasurable.

For a few minutes, be completely present in what you are doing.  Do not “multitask.”  Do not be thinking about the next thing to do, or what will happen later, or what you should be doing instead of this.

Just be where you are.  Be present.  Pay attention.   And enjoy it!

Even one minute of full presence in any activity can do immeasurable good.