Today we ask that you look at something in your life that you really wish you could “take control of.”

All of you have areas in your life where you feel “out of control.”  

Perhaps it is your health.  Your finances.  Your children.  Members of your family.  Your love life.  Your job.  

Something that is a source of frustration and fear.  Something that you wish you could control.  But it is clear that you cannot control it.

As you hold this thing in mind, imagine that you are driving a car down a steep and winding road.  It is raining, and foggy.  You have difficulty seeing the road ahead.  You are frightened.  You grip the steering wheel tightly, fearful that you cannot control the car.  Fearful that something bad will happen if you cannot maintain control.  But you are losing control.  You are losing control.

Now: take three deep breaths.

And imagine letting go of the steering wheel.

Take your hands off the steering wheel.

Let go.

The moment you let go, something very curious happens.

The car drives itself.  As if it is on autopilot.  You do not crash.  Nothing bad happens.  The car continues to drive.

And other curious things happen.  The road straightens out.  You are no longer on a hill.  The rain clears.  The clouds part.  The sun shines through.

Suddenly you are going down a straight road, through a beautiful green landscape, on a sunny day.

As you look around, you realize that the car is on a track.  Like a car in an amusement park ride.  It has been going along on a track this whole time.  When you let go of the steering wheel, it simply continued along on its track.  You were never in control of the car.  It only seemed like you were.

So now you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Keep this in mind, as you dwell on those things you struggle to control.  Often the best thing is just to let go of the steering wheel.