Today we ask that you give yourself some time this weekend to rest.

When removed from the rigid structures of religious dogma, there is a certain wisdom in the concept of the “sabbath.”

All life forms require periods of deep rest and relaxation.  If you observe the behavior of animals, you will see that sleep is one of their primary activities, and that they really give themselves over to it.  One generally does not encounter animals with insomnia.

And yet humans, who are in part animals — certainly you walk the earth inside animal bodies — are forgetting how to rest.

Many of you exist in a state of continual stimulation — checking emails, Facebook, and so on.  Some of you “multitask,” with many forms of stimulation coming in simultaneously.  You drink caffeine to help you absorb all of this stimuli.

Your nervous systems are in a state of constant excitement.  You do not know how to rest.  

As a result, many humans are experiencing difficulty sleeping.  Others are succumbing to nervous exhaustion, which presents itself with a variety of symptoms, including chronic fatigue.

If anyone reading these words experiences such symptoms — insomnia, fatigue, headaches — then it is very likely that your body is dealing with nervous exhaustion as a result of continual overstimulation.

There is one sure-fire cure for these symptoms.  Humans in earlier time periods understood this, even if you do not these days.


Humans must rest.

This is not just what happens in bed at night.  If you have exhausted your nervous system, there is still tension in your body when you sleep.  This may manifest as unpleasant dreams, or as waking up feeling tired.

You must rest your minds.

How does one do this?

By cutting down — or even cutting out altogether — sources of nervous stimuli.

We wish all of you would give your nervous systems a sabbath.

What stimulates the nervous system?

Television.  The internet.  Magazines.  Books.  Phone calls.  Social activities that revolve around talking and thinking.  Caffeine.

What relaxes the nervous system?

Being outdoors.  Doing gentle, grounding exercises.  Meditating.  Breathing.  Bathing.  Being around animals.  Taking naps.  Singing.  Dancing.  Playing.  Eating nourishing, yet comforting food.  Letting your animal body just be an animal body.

We understand that you live in a busy modern world.  But we implore you to give your nervous systems true down time on a regular basis.  You cannot overestimate the benefit this will have for you.  We tell you this out of love.