Today we ask you to stop viewing life in terms of problems and solutions.

Life is not a problem to be solved.

And yet many of you spend a great deal of time ruminating over your problems, and using the faculty of logic and strategy to devise solutions.

If you pause to look over the history of your life, what you will most likely discover is that the most significant events of your lives were not arrived at through strategy and problem solving.  No — you will discover a pattern of seeming coincidences, chance meetings, strange impulses, bolts out of the blue, hunches, flashes of insight, strokes of fate, luck, and so on.

If you really look at this, you will find that your logic faculty, which so often prides itself on being the captain of your ship, the arbiter of your life’s direction, is doing very little — if not nothing.  At the day-to-day level, it has its uses.  But in the big picture, problem solving and strategizing has done far less for you than you may believe.  You may also discover that your problem solving faculty is wrong just as often as it is right.

What this means is that problem solving has its uses, but there is a deeper reality that it cannot touch.  This deeper level cannot be accessed via the logical mind — not ever.  It cannot be accessed through that kind of thought.  It exists beyond thought; but it can be sensed through feeling.  It exists in the stillness, and in the sound of your breath.

That is the rightful place for your “problems.”  There is a power within you that is so far beyond your little stratagems and goals.  This power is what lies behind seeming coincidence.  It is the bolt out of the blue.

Place more of your consciousness in these depths, and not the shallows of the logical mind, and your “problems” will take on a different shape.  You may even discover that you have no problems, in truth.