Today we ask you to appreciate the miracle that is the physical human body.  

To that end, we ask you to select one part of your body.  Preferably a small part — like a finger or toe, a joint, an eye or ear or nose, and so on.  

Look at this part of your body, in a mirror if need be.  Touch it.  Take it in.

Now: take a moment to marvel at this magnificent creation.  Just think of all it can do.  All that it does do, usually without you paying much attention to it. 

Generally it is only when the parts of your body have problems or function issues that you sit up and take notice — and then with frustration.

So today, take a few moments to appreciate a part of your body from a place of pure love and admiration.  Think of all that is happening inside it.  All the microscopic parts working in harmony, unseen, allowing this part to function as it does.

There is consciousness within even the hairs on your head.  Everything responds to love.  Take this time to love one small part of yourself — and your whole being will benefit.