Today we would ask for you to connect with the feeling of trust.

What does that mean?

Think of a friend or loved one around whom you feel a feeling of total trust.  Someone who evokes in you a feeling of calm, stability, and reliability.

This person may no longer exist on this plane.  It may be a trusted grandparent who has passed on, or another relative.

It does not have to be someone you know very well.  It just has to be someone who you think of, and say “I trust this person.”  Someone you can imagine being present for his or her fellow men, in a calm, reassuring way.  Someone who is solid.  Someone who does not needlessly judge, or attack others, or easily fall into petty dramas.

If you do not personally know anyone that you deem trustworthy in this way, then connect with a historical or spiritual figure who evokes this feeling.  “I can trust this person.  I can rely on this person.”

Once you have your trustworthy person in mind, we would ask you to take a few moments, and really allow yourself to connect with the feeling of trust.  The trust of a little child who places his hand in a gentle grown-up’s hand, knowing that he will be led along where he needs to go, and be protected and loved.

Notice what happens in your body and mind.  Notice if there is any resistance to letting go in this way, even in your imagination.  If resistance arises, just breathe, and relax.  Return to that feeling of calm, quiet trust.  Even a few moments spent in this way can do a world of good.